Forum: Social media algorithms may limit genres of content offered

Social media platforms have been weaved seamlessly into our lifestyles, promising greater enjoyment of entertainment and exposure to new realms of interests and knowledge.

One could easily dispel gloom by browsing comedic series, or be inspired by musical tutorials, spurring one's self-growth.

The algorithms used by social media platforms cleverly personalise the user's experience by streamlining recommendations extrapolated from his browsing history.

Unfortunately, the danger lies in this prescribed boundary that can limit a user to a narrower scope of genres and knowledge than social media has to offer.

It is especially worrying when one is unconsciously mired in an endless loop of entertainment offered through curated recommendations, leading to hours of mindless consumption that can exclude the discovery of other new genres, skills and constructive knowledge.

Hence, it is extremely important for users to have self-awareness of their habits and be mindful of their consumption. Only then can we avoid being led by the plethora of given recommendations, paying the price of aimless time-wasting consumption.

Lee Yao Zheng

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