Forum: Smoking policies should be created for the greater good of citizens

I agree with Ms Denise Chong's points (Smokers get their unmasked breaks, unlike most of us, Nov 29).

I have previously written to the National Environment Agency to highlight the issue of residents smoking at their balconies, and its officers told me that they cannot do anything about it because there are no laws on it.

The authorities cited privacy issues in not having such smoking laws, but there are laws against being nude in one's own home.

What about in our own vehicles? There is a law that says that when you smoke in your car, the smoke must not get outside the car.

Why can't there be a similar law for homes?

Policies should be created for the greater good of citizens. It is proven that second-hand smoke harms people's health and can even cause death.

If smokers light up in the corridors or at the windows away from their family members because they care for their family members' health, how can they be allowed to pass the second-hand smoke to neighbouring families with children and elderly members?

Lee Thian See

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