Forum: Smart tech the way to go for optimum temperature in buildings

I refer to the letters on central air-conditioning control (No one-size-fits-all temperature, March 21; Buildings with central air-con should set temperature at 25 deg C, March 17).

Both writers raised valid points.

Coming from my own experience in creating the bowl-cooling system for Singapore Sports Hub, it is very difficult to come up with a specification in temperature control variation that will please all patrons.

I find that one of the most practical ways forward is the use of engineering technology to implement a smart building system where temperatures are constantly monitored and can be changed with respect to environment conditions.

There are buildings here that already harness technology and design to regulate their internal temperature for the comfort of their occupants, such as CapitaGreen. It’s a matter of whether building owners want or care to invest in such technology.

Eugene De Rozario

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