Forum: Smaller class sizes foster independent thinking

I was lucky to be in a class of 23 pupils in upper primary, compared with 40 in Primary 3 (A Children's Day wish for schools: Smaller class sizes, Oct 8).

I found that a smaller class size made class discussions easier, and encouraged even my quieter classmates to take part. As we were more familiar with one another, it created a comfortable environment for us to share our opinions.

The increased interaction let us not just memorise information, but also actively discuss, suggest and understand the basis of what we learnt. This is important since knowledge can be accessed more widely now and it's important for us to have the skills and confidence to think independently and to have different points of view.

A smaller class size may or may not lead to better examination scores, but students can at least be more active in their learning and enjoy the process of discovery.

Yeo Hui Yu, 14

Secondary 2 student

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