Forum: Skills and experience are hard to measure

There have been calls over the years by the Government to hire people based on experience rather than just qualifications (New hiring scheme to focus on skills, not qualifications, Aug 15).

We can carry on discussing, promoting and encouraging such a change in hiring practices.

But I feel that this is at best academic and hollow in practice in many cases.

Skills and experience are intangible and difficult to measure. Education and qualifications are measurable tangibles.

It is easy to see how educated or qualified a candidate is through his credentials and certifications, but not how skilful he is.

I have 40 years of customer service experience but hold an O-level certificate.

Recently, I attended a group discussion held by a company to take on a job post, with the chief executive present.

Among the candidates selected to attend the group discussion, I was the least educated but the most experienced, and, I dare say, the most skilled in customer service.

The other candidates were offered the post, while I was told that I would need to acquire a diploma first.

It seems like it is all talk but no action on the ground.

Goh Khang Khai

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