Forum: Singaporeans must rise to the occasion and fight dengue

I was dismayed and concerned when I read The Sunday Times' reports on the surge in dengue cases in Singapore (Dengue cases cross 8,000 mark within first 5 months of this year, May 15).

To fight the rise in cases, the National Environment Agency has been promoting the Mozzie Wipeout with the "BLOCK" acronym - Breaking up hardened soil; Lifting and emptying flowerpot platters; Overturning pails and wiping their rims; Changing water in vases; and Keeping roof gutters clear and placing insecticide in them.

I suggest using the acronym "RISE" instead - Removing stagnant water; Inspecting leaves, soil and flowerpot plates for stagnant water; Spraying insecticide and placing insecticide in roof gutters; and Eradicating all mosquito breeding grounds.

This will hopefully help Singaporeans to remember what needs to be done and to do it well, so that they will "rise" to the occasion and fight the menace.

Dengue is a very painful and debilitating illness. We should not let our guard down.

Titus Reinarled Rozario

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