Forum: Singaporeans have it good in many ways

I read with amusement Professor Peter A. Coclanis' commentary (Singaporeans, you think you've got problems? Think again, July 31).

I would like to add my perspective as a Singaporean who has spent two decades away from the Republic in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan and now Thailand.

I can attest to how fortunate and blessed we Singaporeans are in many different ways. I learnt that the poor in the other places I have lived in have it worse than the poor in Singapore, while the rich in these other places also fare better than the rich in Singapore in terms of comfort, influence and access.

This inequality has unfortunately shown up during the current pandemic in the differential access to vaccines in some of these places.

Singaporeans are indeed a complaining lot, and complain we should, to keep our standards and expectations high as a competitive advantage.

But we should complain with humour, humility and reverence for the system that our forefathers built and our current generation upholds.

And as our nation celebrates its National Day, we surely must have the confidence that we have more blessings to come.

Michael Lim

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