Forum: Singapore shows what can be done when sustainability has priority

In the past week, many stories have been published in The Straits Times about the actions taken by the Government and businesses to secure a sustainable future for Singapore (New grant to help businesses cut energy bills, June 22; DHL to add 80 electric vans as part of target for net-zero emissions, June 22; and New project roping in organisations to grow 150,000 trees over 5 years, June 25).

They suggest that the real problem is not a lack of resources but the absence of sufficient attention or priority being given to things that matter most like climate change.

Policymakers and some business leaders are making environmental sustainability a priority and are taking appropriate actions to mitigate the threats to our environment.

I hope that their examples will inspire and encourage other local businesses, as well as governments and businesses elsewhere in the world, to do the same.

Collective action from governments and businesses across the world is critical to make a real and lasting difference to the sustainability of our planet.

Joachim Sim Khim Huang

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