Forum: Singapore should do more to import renewable energy

In his commentary, Associate Professor Winston Chow said society must act now to mitigate the worsening effects of climate change (We're in a climate casino. Here's how to fight against the odds, Aug 25).

The associate professor of science, technology and society at Singapore Management University said that action needed to improve the climate odds can be tackled on three fronts. First, governments need clear, quantifiable science-based plans to cap and reduce emissions to net-zero as soon as possible. Second, individuals cannot be apathetic. Third, businesses must act urgently to account for net-zero emissions in their operations.

While he lauds Singapore for having initiated the country's Green Plan 2030, he said this "still falls far short of net-zero by 2050", a goal most countries have aimed for.

I believe Singapore should more than redouble its efforts now to aim to achieve this goal. We have fewer than 30 years.

Foremost, 95 per cent of our electricity relies on imported natural gas, which must be the biggest source of the country's greenhouse gas emissions.

Simply put, we have limited space to generate renewable energy on our own, wind or solar.

We must initiate plans now to generate and import renewable energy, in cooperation with our neighbouring countries, or even at an Asean level.

Let's act now and not wait for Green Plan 2050.

Seah Ah Kuan

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