Forum: Singapore setting inspiring examples of climate action

I hope that action by example will speak louder than words after the COP26 United Nations climate talks, before the effects of climate change become irreparable or irreversible (Climate pact puts world on safer path, but activists lament lack of ambition, Nov 15).

Sustained efforts and investments in time and resources are essential for success.

Education Minister Chan Chun Sing spoke about the "power of example" at the 41st Fullerton Lecture on global power, peace and progress last week (Singapore takes principled positions, not sides, says Chan, Nov 10). This rings true for Singapore in a sustainable world.

What Singapore lacks in geographical size and scale of environmental impact, it can make up for in thought leadership and inspiring examples for the rest of the world to emulate.

We already have some examples that we can be proud of.

Singapore schools' sterling achievements as green practitioners, educators and advocates help nurture the young to practise and advocate environmental conservation while in school and after graduating.

Another example is the Ministry of Education's Eco Stewardship Programme, which is being piloted by several schools to help advance the Singapore Green Plan 2030 for a sustainable future.

At the national level, the country's latest green examples include its partnership with Japan to cut carbon footprint in South-east Asia (S'pore to partner Japan to scale up accounting of emissions in S-E Asia, Nov 14) and piloting the use of cleaner fuel in the aviation industry (Trial on use of cleaner aviation fuel in S'pore to begin next year, Nov 14).

The power of example works at all levels. Collectively, everyone makes a much bigger difference in protecting and conserving our precious planet.

Joachim Sim Khim Huang

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