Forum: Simple to rectify drain grating design for road safety

It was with a sense of deja vu that I read about the case of a cyclist who was injured after the front wheel of his bicycle went into the gap of a drain grating along the road (Cyclist injured in drain grating accident settles suit against PUB, Sept 8).

A similar incident happened to me years ago when I was biking along New Upper Changi Road. I was not injured then and did not report the matter to the authorities.

PUB has records of 12 verified incidents involving the public being injured due to drain gratings since 2012. But there could have been other incidents like mine that went unreported.

Furthermore, if bicycles are already allowed on our roads, we have to ensure our road infrastructure does not come with structures that may endanger the riders.

The solution should not be to ask cyclists to ride on the park connector, unless it is legislated that they be off the roads.

The rectification step is not very complicated - two small, flat metal strips can be welded across each grating.

There may be more than a million such gratings, but there will be a time when all these will be rectified if a start is made now.

In the meantime, cyclists would do well to be aware of such potential danger on the roads.

Peh Chwee Hoe

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