Forum: 'Silver-haired' talents can still contribute

I have often advised my senior colleagues and friends on the subject of retirement.

You could retire from your job for whatever reasons but you do not have to retire from working.

This is, of course, assuming you are well both mentally and physically, and are interested to carry on working.

It is wasteful for a person to start doing nothing at a certain fixed age, at a time when he has gathered the most experience from decades of working.

Retirement at a certain predetermined age is an outdated management concept.

I once sent a Harvard Business Review paper entitled It's Time To Retire Retirement to my colleagues and friends.

Subsequently, I was interviewed by The Straits Times about my experience working with eleven "silver hairs" in CapitaLand.

They were all retired executives who had successful careers in various industries, including the Singapore Armed Forces and Singapore Police Force.

They were assigned to advise and develop a younger generation of talents in the company, without any particular "bottom line" responsibilities. They were very well received and did well in their roles.

It is now not about living a longer life. It is about what more we can do with our extended life.

Liew Mun Leong

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