Forum: Should PMD riders, cyclists dismount at zebra crossings?

I refer to the report of a car driver who got into an argument with a personal mobility device (PMD) user (Benz driver arrested after gate knocked down during dispute, Feb 4).

The PMD rider reportedly said that he had priority at a zebra crossing.

Should PMD riders or cyclists who want to use a zebra crossing or traffic light junction, dismount and walk across as pedestrians do?

When I am driving, I follow the traffic rules and slow down when approaching a zebra crossing.

In many instances, this has prevented accidents from happening as PMD riders or cyclists would appear suddenly, moving at high speed.

They typically don't even stop to check if there's traffic before crossing, although they are required to stop and look for oncoming traffic before using the crossing.

At such speed, drivers may not be able to see them approaching.

I have seen signs put up at the entrances of construction sites, requesting that cyclists dismount while crossing. This is a safe and good practice to prevent accidents.

Kor Choy Yim

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