Forum: Should China's curbs on tuition be looked at here?

I read with delight that China is barring tutoring for profit in core school subjects (China bars for-profit tutoring in core school subjects, July 25).

For many years, young students in China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan have been subjected to unrelenting pressure to do well in an increasingly competitive society.

South Korean students are known to attend extra-curricular classes right after school and return home only late at night.

This inevitably causes anxiety for them and is a financial burden for their parents.

China is now worrying that the situation might also contribute to its plunging fertility rates.

Tuition school operators in places such as Hong Kong reportedly became billionaires by taking advantage of the mentality of parents who want their children to excel.

Should the Singapore Government be taking a close look at tuition schools as well?

We should not allow our kiasu mentality to affect the mental and physical health of our younger generation.

Wong Kai Sang (Dr)