Forum: Shed light on how A-level exam blunder will be resolved

As the mother of one of the affected candidates, I read with concern the news about the confusion caused by an error in the A-level H2 chemistry exam and how it was dealt with differently across schools (Error in A-level chemistry exam paper: SEAB to take incident into account to ensure fair assessment, Nov 17).

Singapore has been conducting these exams yearly since the 1970s. After almost five decades, should we be making such a blunder?

In its response to queries by The Straits Times, The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) did not elaborate on how it will ensure that students are fairly assessed.

How is the Ministry of Education (MOE) and SEAB going to jointly investigate this matter and ensure fairness in the marks achieved, especially for students who were not given extra time by their schools? Can SEAB share how it is going to work with Cambridge University in the assessment?

National exams are of utmost importance to students who have worked very hard. An H2 paper is also a demanding and difficult one.

Such incidents create disturbance and distraction, raising students’ stress levels and causing them to be disheartened before subsequent exams.

Has the mental well-being and morale of the students been taken into consideration?

I hope MOE and SEAB will honour the spirit of justice and equality for our young students.

Ng Mui Leng

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