Forum: Set up external counselling centres for students to seek help

I am writing regarding the support network available to students, after the recent incident at River Valley High School in which a student was allegedly murdered by another.

Currently, schools are equipped with teacher-counsellors and school counsellors to provide counselling assistance to students.

Subsequently, students may be referred to external counsellors, psychologists or psychiatrists if the need arises.

I believe that the Ministry of Education should set up several external counselling centres accessible to all school-going children, so that early intervention can be available outside of the school setting.

Schoolchildren experience extreme pressure to perform academically, to excel in co-curricular activities and also to conform to different school cultures and traditions.

Many may also be victims of bullying in various forms, or may have family or relationship problems.

These may place tremendous stress on teenagers.

To be able to seek help in confidence without fear of animosity from peers and teachers would probably help some of these students.

This would improve the overall well-being of troubled students.

Chan Zee Hong