Forum: Set street lights' timing to 7pm to save energy

The majority of the street lights in my Sengkang neighbourhood are switched on at around 6.15pm daily.

On Sunday, 30 street lights, the lights at a carpark and a Housing Board block's lights were switched on when there was still plenty of daylight.

I have asked the Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council and, subsequently, the new Sengkang Town Council numerous times to have the lights switched on closer to 7pm. I have also used the OneService app to submit feedback. No action has been taken.

I am trying to play a part in reducing the unnecessary use of electricity and help Singapore's sustainability efforts.

Delaying the switching on of lights by at least half an hour would also save money.

While we advocate energy-saving electrical appliances and saving electricity in our homes, we should not ignore the need to save energy in our neighbourhood and country.

Lim Chooi Ping