Forum: Seniors who don't secure phone need extra help to use digital IC

After reading the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office's (SNDGO) reply on the digital IC, I would like to point out that seniors who do not have any fingerprint, face or passcode authentication set up on their phone should not use this app (Safeguard phones, devices used to access Singpass, Nov 13).

Some need their domestic helper to assist them when using their phone, meaning that their helper could probably access their Singpass app if it is set up.

If they misplace their phone, anyone who finds the phone would likely also be able to access their Singpass app.

I hope SNDGO can provide some guidance to this group of users or look into how to help them with additional security, so they can use the digital IC in the app instead of always having to carry their physical IC with them.

Yeap Soon Ho

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