Forum: Senior workers could take on various roles in healthcare sector

I refer to the article, "Critical for S'pore to unlock 'longevity dividend' as people live longer: DPM Heng" (Aug 25).

The healthcare sector presents numerous opportunities for employment and re-employment of senior workers.

The SkillsFuture framework for healthcare lists seven key job roles (nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, healthcare support, operations and pharmacy support), with about 70 positions among them.

Senior workers who are interested in working in the healthcare industry could complete short courses to learn the necessary skills to take on various roles.

For example, after completing a course and on-the-job training, they could assist pharmacists with medication packing and delivery, assist physiotherapists in taking vital signs before clients start rehabilitation exercises, or assist nurse managers in planning rosters for nurses.

This would, in turn, free up time for members of these healthcare professions to focus more on patient care.

Active ageing and lifelong learning should figure in every person's journey towards post-retirement.

Ng Weng Keong

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