Forum: Self-reliant culture where people own their problems is needed

I sympathise with the writer who found the limited availability of free Wi-Fi and power outlets exasperating (Desperately seeking Wi-Fi for work when outside the home, Jan 14).

I, too, would be exasperated, but I'm mature enough to know that if I consider Wi-Fi an essential, it is also my own responsibility to seek my own solutions, such as using my phone as a mobile hot spot and tethering my laptop to it.

Similarly, if I were thirsty, I would pay for water and not expect the Government to quench my thirst without me having to pay a cent for it.

Digitalisation may move a nation forward technologically, but clearly, its impact on mature thinking is somewhat limited.

If everyone harbours a sense of entitlement and expects free solutions from the Government all the time, what does it say about our people?

What does it do for creating a self-reliant culture where people take ownership of their own problems? If lack of free Wi-Fi warrants a letter to the press, how do we deal with bigger crises?

Michael Loh Toon Seng (Dr)

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