Forum: Security officers need our support, cooperation, not abuse

I refer to the report about an assault on a security officer at a Bukit Batok condominium on Monday morning (Police investigating man for allegedly assaulting security officer at Bukit Batok condominium, Aug 31).

I was shocked and saddened to learn that the Union of Security Employees has handled 25 cases of abuse involving security officers so far this year.

I find this disturbing, as I have a few relatives aged 55 and above who are working as security officers.

I believe that there could be more cases of abuse involving security officers which were minor and were not reported to the authorities.

We should be very concerned about the growing number of such cases as security officers are supposed to be our first line of safety and defence in commercial and private properties during emergencies.

Security officers help to check, patrol and deter crime at shopping centres, offices, factories, condominiums and schools.

They are also trained in basic firefighting, evacuation and first aid skills.

As members of the public, we should support and cooperate with security officers, especially during an emergency.

There should be no situation in which we physically or verbally abuse security officers.

Muhammad Dzul Azhan Sahban

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