Forum: Scrapping permit to raise funds for charity may have unintended effects

At a time when the number of scam cases has gone up thanks to social media, we are loosening controls on charities that raise funds through house-to-house and street campaigns (Charities will not need permit to raise funds from 2023, Sept 9).

In our modern fast-paced society, it will take only a few cases of unscrupulous persons posing as fund raisers for fake charities to harden the charitable hearts of the majority and convince them to refrain from giving.

Mr Asher Low, executive director of charity Limitless, told The Straits Times that while the move to scrap the permit benefits small charities like his, he is also concerned about the risks of the donating public being scammed.

To potentially snuff out the kind and compassionate qualities of our people for the sake of reduced administrative work is too heavy a price to pay.

Goh Boon Kai

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