Forum: Scope of mandatory e-bike theory test goes beyond road safety

We thank Mr Nellikala Chellappan Sathian for his suggestion (Let motorcyclists skip e-bike test, June 18).

Riders of power-assisted bicycles (PABs) are allowed on both cycling paths and roads. Besides interacting with motorists on roads, PAB riders also interact with other shared path users such as cyclists, e-scooter riders and pedestrians.

The mandatory theory test covers modules on both path and road safety to ensure that riders are familiar with active mobility rules, code of conduct and safe riding practices, as well as knowledge in areas such as safe battery charging practices and proper maintenance to ensure the safety of riders and those around them.

This is why we require those with valid motorcycle licences to take the mandatory theory test if they intend to use PABs.

Chan Boon Fui

Group Director, Active Mobility Group

Land Transport Authority