Forum: Scanner takes temperature of patients


We refer to Ms Candice Yeo Chai Hong's letter (Why no temperature-taking at polyclinic?, Jan 26).

We would like to assure Ms Yeo and our patients that the temperature of all patients and caregivers is taken before they enter Jurong Polyclinic, including those who declared that they have a fever.

Jurong Polyclinic uses a wall-mounted thermal screener (above) that is monitored by staff at the entrance.

Any visitor to the polyclinic with a body temperature of 37.5 deg C and above will be flagged, and staff will direct the person to the appropriate area to be seen.

We take Covid-19 precautionary measures very seriously at Jurong Polyclinic to ensure that our patients and caregivers remain safe in our premises.

Franco Wong (Dr)

Head, Jurong Polyclinic