Forum: SAF looking at ways to build culture of sustainability

We thank Forum writer How Ti-Hwei for his suggestions (Ingrain sustainability culture during national service, Jan 21).

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has incorporated environmental sustainability as a key consideration within the organisation, while ensuring that its core mission and operational readiness to defend Singapore are not compromised.

Some SAF camps adopt recycling measures such as segregating and recycling food waste at cookhouses and providing recycling bins, and more locations will adopt these efforts.

Collection points have also been set up at other premises including Safra clubhouses for national servicemen to recycle their old uniforms, boots and other equipment. To improve energy efficiency, the SAF has embarked on initiatives such as developing energy-efficient buildings, installing solar panels on buildings and replacing administrative vehicles with hybrid models.

The Ministry of Defence and the SAF will continue to encourage and support sustainable behaviour among our national servicemen, and contribute to a sustainable future for Singapore.

Tan Mu Yen

Director, Industry and Resources Policy Office

Ministry of Defence

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