Forum: Rude cruise ambassadors ruined travel experience

I was delighted when the cruises to nowhere started. I'd booked a two-night cruise leaving on Nov 6, then a three-night cruise leaving on Nov 15.

Taking the Covid-19 test for the first cruise was chaotic, but it was understandable as the staff were not fully prepared for the crowds. The food and service were bad and not at all organised. Again, this was understandable as it had been many months since the ships had sailed.

However, my family and I were put off by the cruise ambassadors, who were rude and arrogant in enforcing safe distancing rules.

On the second cruise, everything was very well-organised. The food and the service were great. We were very happy until we encountered the rude ambassadors again.

They hung around, chatting in groups, often not observing safe distancing rules themselves. Yet they were overzealous in pointing out to travellers to keep to safe distancing rules. On a few occasions, some ambassadors rudely reminded my family members and me to stay 1m apart from one another, even when we were already doing so.

Their brusque manner totally ruined our enjoyment.

I suggest Dream Cruises make sure these ambassadors are properly trained to exercise more diplomacy.

Not all the ambassadors were bad though. We encountered very polite ones whom I believe were from the travel industry, and who made really good ambassadors.

Lilian Lim

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