Forum: Rubbish bins at MacRitchie Reservoir Park cleared regularly

We thank Mr Chin Kee Thou for his feedback (Not enough rubbish bins at MacRitchie, Feb 16).

There are a total of 22 rubbish bins situated at popular locations around MacRitchie Reservoir Park.

The majority of these are monkey-proof bins with heavy lids to prevent monkeys from opening them, and these are cleared twice daily.

We have also installed six "smart" bins equipped with sensors for remote monitoring of the bins' capacity, and cleaners are activated to empty a smart bin immediately once it reaches 80 per cent capacity.

Over the Chinese New Year period, PUB received increased feedback on littering within the park and has worked with our cleaning contractor to increase the clearing frequency of the bins and their surrounding area.

We encourage park-goers to dispose of their trash into the bins as there have been instances when trash was scattered around bins that were not full.

Let's keep our parks clean and litter-free for all to enjoy.

Cheng Geok Ling

Chief Engineer, Urban Livability

PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency

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