Forum: Review development potential of Singapore's limited sea space

I am very impressed by the strategic thinking and action by the Urban Redevelopment Authority in phase two of its public engagement exercise, part of a review of its long-term plans (S'poreans prioritise green spaces, affordable housing: Poll, Sept 13).

Could the relevant authorities conduct a similar review for Singapore's limited sea space too? After all, our sea space is almost the same size as our land space.

Currently, most of Singapore's sea space is used by the shipping industry, which is understandable and necessary as Singapore is the world's bunkering and container transshipment hub.

However, with technological advancements, I believe it is time to revisit those old assumptions and balance the requirements of all sea space users.

This is especially relevant to the fish farming sector in support of Singapore's "30 by 30" food security goal to produce 30 per cent of its nutritional needs locally and sustainably by 2030.

For a start, and in the spirit of thinking out of the box, perhaps the relevant authorities could review the use of Selat Sengkir, the waterway between Pulau Brani and Sentosa, in the Sentosa-Brani masterplan.

The Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment could examine Selat Sengkir's potential in the ranching method of fish farming because of the waterway's water quality, its tidal movements, and the two narrow openings at both ends of the channel.

It could also be a good opportunity for various government agencies to conduct a joint study to determine the feasibility of combining the requirements of fish farming, marine renewable energy sources (tidal and floating solar), tourism, preservation of heritage sites and the protection of Singapore's natural environment.

Kuet Ee Yoon

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