Forum: Returning lost item an uphill task despite knowing owner's name and IC number

I recently found a key pouch at the void deck of my block that contained a set of house keys, a PAssion Silver Concession Card and a TraceTogether token.

The card stated the name and NRIC number of the owner but not the person's address, so I was unable to locate the owner on my own.

I took the pouch to the neighbourhood police post. The officer on duty asked me to go to the Residents' Committee (RC) in the area instead, saying that RCs are best placed to handle lost and found items.

I visited and called the RC over two days.

The place was closed with no notice on operational hours displayed, and no one picked up the phone.

It then occurred to me to try contacting the People's Association (PA) for help. I went to the community club in the area, where staff checked PA's database, and I was finally able to find the pouch's owner after four days.

I find it unbelievable that the process of returning a key pouch containing a card with a name and NRIC number to its rightful owner could be fraught with obstacles and require me to make several trips to different agencies.

Isn't there a No Wrong Door initiative in place?

Theresa Lim Siew Leng

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