Forum: Retract allegations against police if there are no details

I read with grave concern about Workers' Party MP Raeesah Khan's account of an alleged incident of the police mishandling a sexual assault case (Alleged mishandling of sexual assault case: WP MP asked to give details, Oct 5).

She said she had accompanied a rape victim to a police station to make a report and she said the officer who interviewed the victim had allegedly made inappropriate comments about her dressing and the fact that she was drinking - thus victim shaming her.

Such allegations are very serious because they involve Singapore's law enforcement. It is disturbing that Ms Raeesah refused to provide any details despite assurances that the victim's identity would not be compromised.

If indeed some members of the police force have done something wrong, this has to be rectified and those found guilty must be taken to task to protect the reputation and image of the police.

However, if the allegations are untrue, then they should be retracted as they negate the efforts and good work of the officers in the force.

Lee Swee Mei

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