Forum: Retirees can help fill talent gap

I refer to the letter "Retirement is a milestone and the start of life's new chapter" (Aug 14).

Conceptually, it is right to say that retirement is a milestone and that thereafter, one has a new phase of life to do the things one likes to do.

But for many of us, this is at odds with reality. A survey by Manulife published on March 15 revealed that one-third of the retirees polled continued working after retirement to increase their savings.

Truly, charting one's journey after retirement varies according to each person's financial situation and purpose.

I greatly admire former Cabinet minister Khaw Boon Wan for taking on the role of chairman in the proposed SPH Media Trust after a short retirement stint. He is well known for his problem-solving skills.

After retirement, one may have a new purpose in mind.

Given Singapore's talent crunch and amid the debate on the employment of foreign talent, I feel that Mr Liew Mun Leong's view that "'Silver-haired' talents can still contribute" (Aug 12) is most timely.

If a retiree is physically fit, he should consider contributing to society with his skills and expertise, even if he is financially sound. The retiree talent pool can be tapped to resolve part of the talent crunch in industries.

The authorities should assess whether there is a place for retirees to fill the talent gap, and also understand the underlying reasons businesses are hesitant to hire them.

Ong Kim Bock

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