Forum: Rethink how to do things in a greener way for next-gen ERP

A global chip shortage has delayed implementation of the next-generation Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system (Transition to next-gen ERP delayed by global chip shortage, Nov 18).

Singapore should use this time to rethink how to do things in a greener way. Data security and controls have been cited as reasons why a separate on-board unit must be installed in each vehicle.

However, new equipment generates carbon emissions during manufacturing and eventually leads to more e-waste. Would the authorities consider procuring used mobile phones, installing the necessary safeguards and deploying them as all-in-one devices in cars for the new ERP system?

Rolling out distance-based road pricing that cuts emissions through discouraging driving, and reducing life cycle emissions from electronic equipment would help put Singapore on the map.

Chan Mun Wei

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