Forum: Retain and integrate Jurong Bird Park waterfall into a nature park

I read with sadness that Jurong Bird Park will be no more (Jurong Bird Park to close in Jan as part of move to Bird Paradise, Aug 31).

Though this popular attraction will be moving to new premises in Mandai, I am sure many Singaporeans and tourists will be sad to see it leave its current home.

The highlight of my visits to Jurong Bird Park over the years - first as a primary school pupil on excursion and later as a parent of young school-going children - has undoubtedly been the Jurong Falls, once the world's highest man-made waterfall, set amid lush greenery in an aviary.

For many Singaporean children of the 1970s, the awe-inspiring sight was the first waterfall that we had laid our eyes on.

After the park moves out, I hope the waterfall garden will be retained and integrated with the nearby hill to become a nature park and green lung to offer visitors a welcome respite from the surrounding industrial estate.

Edwin Pang

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