Forum: Residents can volunteer at grassroots organisations to promote neighbourliness

We thank Mr Chia Boon Teck for his letter (Grassroots organisations can help to manage parking issues in private estates, Dec 27).

Grassroots organisations, made up of residents in local estates, need to work closely with the relevant government agencies to resolve various municipal issues.

As shared by Mr Chia, some grassroots organisations' representatives have formed close relationships with residents in private housing estates and can resolve parking issues amicably, before the authorities are alerted.

For instance, within the private housing estate of Riverina in Pasir Ris, volunteers and fellow residents help manage parking issues to maintain social harmony.

We encourage residents to join their local grassroots organisations as volunteers to promote neighbourliness and contribute to the community.

Johnny Lim

Constituency Director

Pasir Ris Elias Community Club

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