Forum: Repeated notification letters are a waste of resources

The Government is doing its best to support global climate change and sustainability initiatives.

In July, the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources was renamed Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) to reflect the growing importance of sustainability, with a push towards zero waste among its major initiatives.

The SingapoRediscover Vouchers programme is a good initiative to support local tourism and affected sectors during this challenging time.

In my household of four, we each received a separate letter in the mail, although the letters basically contain the same content.

There should be a better way to manage such unnecessary wastage.

Another example is the Community Health Assist Scheme renewal notification, whereby four sets of pamphlets were delivered to my household.

A multi-ministry working panel involving MSE should be established to ensure that climate change and sustainability factors are taken into consideration when dealing with operations such as mass mailing.

The civil service should undergo training so that officers can consider sustainability in the course of work decisions and operations.

Foo Kwang Sai

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