Forum: Remove CCA responsibilities from teachers' workload

I am heartened to know that the authorities are looking into the teaching profession with renewed fervour (Teachers need more support to handle student discipline, workload: MPs, Sept 13).

I agree with most of the points raised in the article, including the need for better work-life balance as well as appropriate career progression opportunities.

I further suggest that teachers focus primarily on teaching and nurturing our young so that they form values, morals and personal resilience that will help them in their working and adult years.

In this regard, it would be helpful if teachers are not assigned co-curricular activity (CCA) responsibilities. CCAs such as judo, canoeing, shooting and the like would be better managed by professionals who are trained to help students excel in such activities.

Teachers are usually not properly trained to handle this scope of work, and this can add to the stress that they already feel.

I propose that more schools employ sports teachers/coaches to take the CCA burden off regular teaching staff.

Peter See

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