Forum: Remind kids to clear trays through school assembly too

Since dining in at eateries resumed on June 21, I have observed that most of the patrons at hawker centres are returning their trays and crockery after their meals.

As expected, there are a few diners who failed to clear up after eating, perhaps due to forgetfulness, or because they did not know they had to.

Whatever the case may be, it is imperative for the National Environment Agency to ramp up publicity efforts to remind the public that it is mandatory for them to clean and clear up at hawker centres.

Towards this end, it is good to have banners and posters put up at such eateries.

Our schools can also play a pivotal role in intensifying this outreach programme through their daily assembly.

Perhaps this will prompt the students to also clear up after eating at hawker centres, as they usually do when having meals in the school canteen.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng