Forum: Releasing animals harms them and disrupts the ecological balance

Releasing wildlife is against the law in Singapore.

But during my regular hikes at Woodlands Waterfront Park, I often see people releasing terrapins and crabs into the sea near the jetty.

I suspect that this is tied to the belief that by doing good deeds, one can reap rewards in the afterlife.

I have also come across people releasing the Asian arowana at the Singapore Quarry.

It should be noted that releasing animals that have been bred and kept in captivity harms them and our ecosystem.

These animals may find it difficult to survive in the wild as they seldom have the skills required to survive in their new environment.

The few that are able to adapt to the new surroundings may disrupt the ecological balance in lakes and ponds by competing with native species for the limited resources.

The National Parks Board has limited resources and manpower, and it is almost impossible to patrol every nature park and quarry to ensure that pet owners do not release their pets in public areas.

These actions may upset the ecological balance and bring about disasters to native wildlife.

Heng Cho Choon

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