Forum: Relax rules on taking bikes on trains

Singapore continues to develop and expand its Park Connector Network from coast to coast, and there are now more than 300km of park connectors. This is good news for people who love to explore the island by walking and cycling.

However, cyclists are still largely limited to using the park connectors near their homes, as only foldable bicycles that do not exceed 120cm by 70cm by 40cm when folded are allowed on buses and trains. So a cyclist living in the east cannot hop on the MRT to go to the Western Adventure Loop if his bike does not fulfil those requirements.

Many Singaporeans enjoy cycling on the park connectors for recreation and wellness, especially during the weekend. I urge the authorities to consider allowing cyclists to take both foldable and non-foldable bikes on board the MRT during off-peak hours by designating a carriage at the back of the train for bikes.

Dien Pandiman (Dr)

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