Forum: Rein in crowds who feed wild animals

As a regular runner, I often see a family of wild boars in Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6. This area can be crowded with kite fliers and remote-controlled car racers, who drive there with all their paraphernalia.

They spend many hours setting up, playing and chatting. They also have food and drinks with them.

The wild boars, too, often show up on the other side of the drain where the cars are parked. Despite a prominent sign asking people not to feed wild animals, the crowds do feed them generously.

As pointed out by the National Parks Board (NParks) and wildlife advocates, animals once fed tend to return to the same place expecting to be fed. People may be feeding them out of sympathy or just not to waste the remaining food they have.

There are also many stray dogs in the area and sometimes the dogs and boars fight over the food.

A few things can be done to prevent incidents like the recent one of a wild boar injuring a woman (Woman in hospital after boar attack at park in Pasir Ris, Nov 21).

More warning signboards can be installed at the road entrance to advise people against feeding animals. There are no waste bins in this area, and a few animal-proof waste bins should be installed along the road so people can dispose of their leftover food instead of feeding it to the animals.

NParks officers should also patrol the area around Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6 and Sungei Api Api to ensure people follow the advice against animal feeding.

Mahesh Kumar

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