Forum: Regular checks done at SGH to ensure compliance with Covid-19 measures

We thank Ms Michelle Tan for her feedback (Patients who mingle with visitors outside hospital while unmasked pose risk to others, June 11).

Ms Tan raised an important concern. As she observed, Singapore General Hospital has reminders for visitors to wear a mask properly at all times, not to eat or drink in the ward, to avoid using patients' toilets in the wards and not to sit on patients' beds.

They are also advised to keep a safe distance of at least 1m from others, to refrain from talking to other patients or visitors, and to observe good hand hygiene.

Adherence to these safe management measures reduces the risk of Covid-19 transmission and keeps our patients, their loved ones and our staff safe.

For their own safety, patients are also advised against leaving their wards to spend more time with their visitors as they may not have immediate access to medical attention should their medical condition change when they are outside of the ward.

The hospital's Safe Management Council conducts regular checks to ensure compliance with safe management measures.

We seek everyone's cooperation to comply with the measures, as keeping our patients and all in the hospital safe requires a collective effort.

Everyone, including patients and visitors, should be a safety ambassador by keeping to the safe management measures and reminding one another when necessary.

We encourage anyone who observes unsafe behaviour to alert our staff so that we can take immediate action.

Lim Boon Leng (Associate Professor)

Chairman, Safe Management Council

Singapore General Hospital

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