Forum: Refund Case admin fee if consumer complaint is valid

Recently, I bought an overseas SIM card from a booth at Changi Airport. I was told to activate it on arrival in Vietnam. I realised I had been sold an expired SIM card only after I was miles away from the seller.

As the SIM card cost me $20, I do not think it is worth the administrative fee of $10.70 to file a complaint with the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case).

I believe there are errant businesses getting away with scamming customers of small amounts, as customers are likely to let things slide due to the trouble and cost of filing a complaint with Case.

I strongly feel that filing a complaint with Case should be frictionless, and that the administrative fee should be refunded to the consumer if the case proves valid, and instead be charged to the business.

Shannon Lee Yu Han Chaluangco

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