Forum: Reduce inconsistencies in the names of places around Singapore

Travelling around Singapore, I have noticed some naming inconsistencies that got me thinking.

First, all this time, I thought Tengeh Reservoir was Tengah Reservoir since Tengah Avenue is less than 2km away. Having names that are spelt almost the same can easily cause confusion.

Second, the use of Chua Chu Kang instead of Choa Chu Kang for places such as Chua Chu Kang Community Club.

Even though Choa Chu Kang is used more widely, everyone tends to pronounce Choa as Chua. I believe not many people know how to pronounce Choa correctly. If that is the case, maybe it will be better if all uses of Choa are formally changed to Chua.

Third, Bukit Merah is the Malay word for Red Hill, but both names are used. Consider changing one to the other so that it will be less confusing.

It would be good if the public can easily send feedback to a special committee that would come up with plans to implement name changes, ensuring consistency and less confusion among the public.

There should also be a government website listing the detailed history of all the historical figures who have a Singapore street named after them, as well as an explanation of why a place is given a particular name.

Consolidating all this information in one place would come in handy for current and future generations of Singaporeans to better understand and appreciate the place they call home.

Andrew Leong

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