Forum: Recycle old calendars

While it may be lost on many as to why one should keep a calendar - any type - once the year is over, to me, it makes a lot of recycling sense (Free desk calendars in short supply, Dec 29).

Call me old-fashioned, but my collection of unused desk calendars dating back to 1989, from the days when they were available in abundance, ensures I never have to fret over not being able to get a new one.

They take up little storage and can easily be dusted and put back into action.

Except for leap years, a calendar for other years is repeated every 11 years or sooner.

So retrieve your 2010 desk calendar for this year's use if you still have it, and if you manage to get a 2021 calendar, hang on to it as it will come in handy again in 2027.

Ooi Mun Kong

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