Forum: Recruitment ads can also feature older workers

I recently spotted a recruitment advertisement from SP Group on LinkedIn, and commend the company for its communication efforts. I would also like to suggest how it can do better.

The image used in the ad communicates the diversity of Singapore's multiracial society.

At the same time, I couldn't help but notice that all the people in the advertisement are young.

SP Group is a brand with a long history. While it is necessary to have new blood in the company to progress, perhaps its recruitment materials can also feature more mature workers.

The ad asks those with sharp storytelling skills to write in. Older workers, with their wealth of experience accumulated over the decades, are precisely the ones with many stories to tell.

If an organisation can combine the strengths of younger and older workers, its influence in storytelling could be immense.

The advertisement also mentions qualities such as experience in building strong brands and guarding reputations. A more experienced and older candidate would have much to contribute in these areas.

Fresh thinking is needed in branding strategies, and a company can create a stronger workforce and expand its brand equity if it can have the young, with their different dimensions of thinking, complement older workers' thought leadership.

Tan Kar Quan

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