Forum: Reason for voiding car warranty is unfair

Two weeks ago, I sent my car to the dealer for regular servicing and was told that the turbo engine was faulty and needed to be replaced.

As the car is still under warranty, the service adviser told me initially that the turbo engine would be replaced for free.

However, when the replacement part arrived three days later, I was told that the warranty was void as there was a delay in sending the car in for one of the scheduled servicing sessions.

I was perturbed by this revelation as this particular delay in servicing happened more than a year ago, and I had not been told that my car warranty was void because of this.

Previously, when I had sent my car for servicing, which involved the replacement of other parts, I was always assured that the warranty was valid and all the parts were replaced free of charge.

I believe that this is a breach of the warranty agreement as I was told that for the warranty to be valid, I had to service my car with only the dealer.

There was no mention that any delay in servicing would render the warranty void.

I have been assiduously sending my car in for servicing whenever I was notified, and there were many times that the earliest available dates for servicing were two or three weeks later due to unavailability of service slots.

Hence, it is not fair for consumers to bear the consequences of servicing delays when such delays are caused by the company.

I urge consumers to be discerning when paying premium prices for products with extended warranty.

Chia Yoke Sun

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