Forum: Real-life opportunities count for young

I am glad to hear Youth Forum writer Li Tian Qi had learning moments during her time with Explorer Junior (Spreading warmth to others while also receiving it as a volunteer, Jan 24). This reinforces our mission to create opportunities for children and young people to learn beyond the classroom.

This is the second year Explorer Junior is running its job experience programme, a programme for secondary school students to experience working at an education social enterprise.

The interns who joined us have shared their knowledge in topics as diverse as hydroponics and democracy.

As these young people take on different responsibilities, they also draw different reflections and learning points beyond the school context from their experiences. Besides empathy, some teens have gained a better understanding of what they want to pursue as a career.

Creating spaces for children and young people, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds, learning styles or even ages, lets them explore and learn together beyond academics.

These real-life opportunities remain relevant for the younger generation, whether it's an eight-year-old learning about urban gardening or a 15-year-old exploring his career passions.

Ng Rong Xin


Explorer Junior

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