Forum: Raising speed limit on expressways will improve traffic flow

I agree with Mr Yeo Thye Lye's suggestion to raise the speed limit on expressways to 110kmh (Consider higher speed limit on expressways, Jan 25).

Having a higher speed limit at a wider expressway with four or five lanes allows better segregation of vehicles and a more efficient flow of traffic based on speed.

This will also psychologically deter road hoggers from occupying the rightmost outer lane as they will be more aware that their speed is a lot slower than the higher limit.

Our intricate and costly road systems built over the years are meant for us to get from one place to another quickly and efficiently to improve overall productivity. The speed limit should be increased in tandem too for better results.

The authorities should also trust that Singaporeans are educated and smart enough to make the right distinction between decisive driving and reckless driving.

I suggest the authorities start with a pilot scheme to allow higher speed limits at parts of the expressway where it is wider with more lanes.

Zhang Jinwei

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