Forum: Put in added protection feature for cashless transactions

To avoid situations where hawkers and small business owners are scammed when adopting cashless payment systems, there needs to be an additional protection feature built into the Singapore Quick Response Code payment system or any cashless mobile payment method (Hawkers scammed by fake screenshots of payments, Dec 8).

There should be a feature in the current apps that works within a Bluetooth environment to notify the receiver of incoming funds, just like the TraceTogether app, where information is transmitted to nearby mobile phones or tokens.

Only necessary information needs to be transmitted to the receiver's app. For example, the receiver could see only the last two digits of the payment reference and amount paid via the app notification mode or summary of daily transactions.

Bluetooth information could be automatically uploaded daily to the central payment system, serving as an additional check/confirmation for the payment transacted.

Unless there's a way to stop people from cheating, cash is still king. Trust needs to be regained in order for cashless payment to succeed.

Yoong Woon Yin

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