Forum: Public servants should learn from SIA crew when it comes to customer service

Public servants can be trained more effectively to improve their service delivery if they learn from Singapore Airlines.

Last month, a family member of mine was sent to the accident and emergency department at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Naturally, I was anxious about the condition of my family member.

I was disappointed that the doctor in charge was so impatient that I had to make a trip to the hospital to speak to her in person.

Last week, I was visiting someone at Singapore General Hospital. As I was not familiar with the place, I was walking rather slowly looking for the room number and was not aware that someone was behind me with a trolley. He raised his voice and asked me to move out of the way.

I finally found the room and I spoke to a nurse, who was also rude.

Later, a woman came into the room to check on the meals. Within a minute, I could sense that she was different from the hospital staff I had spoken to. She was so polite, patient, and spoke with a caring tone.

I asked to look at her name tag and realised she was a healthcare ambassador from Singapore Airlines.

Why can't the hospital staff I encountered at the two hospitals be like this SIA employee?

Also, on numerous occasions, I have experienced very friendly service from SIA ambassadors in MRT stations. They are always patient and ever smiling.

Singapore Airlines should be proud of its training programme and the employees it has trained.

Singapore will truly be a gracious society if all our public servants are like SIA crew.

Low Chan Pong

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